It's been a painful three weeks of travel for me, with the result that I'm a bit shy in the clever, stunningly incisive, and trenchant blog posts you've come to know and love. Consequently, I'm scraping the bottom of the imagination barrel and referring you to a podcast I did recently with Liz Lynch. Liz is a long-time friend, an outstanding business woman, and a networking maven. She's also the author of Smart Networking, a wonderful book for people who get creeped out by the idea of putting on a suit and carrying a stack of business cards to a "networking function" where you shake lots of strangers' hands and exchange empty platitudes about "reaching out" and "finding synergies."

A couple of weeks ago we did a teleseminar about time management, productivity, and dealing with the never-ending barrage of email.  You can listen to the seminar, or download the podcast, for free here.

A lame post, I know. I promise to do better next week.