To paraphrase the band Cracker, what the world needs now is another blog, like you need a hole in your head.

So why do it? Well, I'm hoping to disintermediate brick-and-mortar and virtual booksellers and provide value-added content that synergistically reinforces my client coaching. It will create a virtuous circle that allows clients and readers to leverage my insights for paradigm-shifting workplace performance.

Oh, wait. That's so Web 1.0. Never mind.

Let's try that again.

What I'd like to do is provide ideas to readers interested in becoming a little more productive. A little more efficient. A little more protected from the avalance of work that threatens to bury them each day.

Of course, there are other people out there addressing the same issues. Some of them are quite good. I hope to earn your attention through the quality of my ideas and the clarity of my presentation. And maybe along the way I'll make you laugh. That would be nice, too.

I'm not as voluble as Seth Godin: you won't find me posting 5 times a day. I'm probably not as funny as Merlin Mann. I'm not as inspirational as Jason Womack. I certainly don't have the aesthetic sensibility of Garr Reynolds. And lord knows that I can't even comprehend the technical aspects of Tim Gaden.

But somewhere in the spaces in between, I hope you'll find my voice. And decide that it's a worthy addition to your reading list.