I'm teaching a full-day class on A3 Thinking & Problem Solving for the Association of Manufacturing Excellence on June 28 in Oakland, CA. 

Most people work in organizations that can’t effectively deal with gaps between desired and actual performance, because the company lacks effective problem-solving processes.

A3 Thinking is the antidote. A3 Thinking is a powerful management tool that teaches clear thinking, engages people at all levels of the organization, and increases the likelihood that any proposed changes will actually be effective. 

The class is geared toward anyone who wants to lead and manage their teams more effectively, and to those who wish to improve their own critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Read more about the content of the class, logistics, and fees on the AME website.

NOTE:  We will be using Managing to Learn by John Shook as a textbook. You don’t need to read it in advance, but please purchase it prior to class.