I help improve organizational performance through targeted interventions and coaching based on fundamental lean principles. 

The level and type of engagement depends on whether the client seeks an immediate solution to a business problem, or the development of broader internal skills and capabilities.


I tailor my talks to each client's needs, but these are the most popular topics:

THE FIT ORGANIZATION: This presentation, based on my new book, Building the Fit Organization, presents the six core principles that will make any organization stronger, faster, and more competitive. By reframing continuous improvement as a journey towards organizational fitness, it provides a non-alienating cognitive and cultural on-ramp for the audience. 

A FACTORY OF ONE: This keynote draws on the concepts from my Shingo Research Award-winning book of the same title. Attendees learn how to apply lean manufacturing principles to individual work so that they can get more value-added works done with less effort. 

FROM FIRE FIGHTING TO CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: This interactive session introduces the scientific method of problem solving that lies at the core of any sustainable commitment to continuous improvement. 


I provide training on a variety of topics, including:

STRUCTURED PROBLEM SOLVING: This workshop guides participants through the process of creating of an in-depth, single-page understanding of a problem, including context, root cause analysis, countermeasures, implementation plan, and follow up. 

PERSONAL LEAN: If you want to lead lean, you've got to live lean. This workshop blends classic time management principles with lean manufacturing techniques and the latest psychological insights to show attendees how to create more value and reduce waste in their workflows. 

VALUE STREAM MAPPING:  Value stream mapping is a critically important skill for analyzing and understanding complex (and invisible) office processes. In this workshop, participants will learn fundamental mapping techniques that they can immediately use at their jobs. 

LEAN FUNDAMENTALS: What does "lean" mean, and where did it come from? This is a short introduction to the history of lean, its core principles, and the best way to approach it in your organization.