A3 Thinking: This guide provides an introduction to the fundamentals of "A3" thinking, an elegant and structured approach to root cause problem solving. This Infopack explains what an A3 is, why you'd want to use it, and highlights common mistakes. 

Value Stream Mapping: A short primer on the basics of value stream mapping. This Infopack identifies the key components of a value stream map, and suggests how to introduce it to your organization. 

Bridging the Gap: Sometimes the basics get lost in the heated discussions over the various ways to develop strategy. This short Infopack presents four key principles that you don't want to forget, irrespective of your preferred approach to making strategy. 


Fit Organization: Is your organization fit or flabby? Use this self-assessment to identify where you're doing well and where you need some work in the six critical areas for operational excellence. 

Organizational Efficiency: What people commonly perceive as time management challenges are actually symptoms of underlying problems in organizational efficiency. This assessment will help you identify where the root cause lies. 

Individual Lean: Your organization may be well on its lean journey, but what about your own work habits? You might be surprised at how much waste in all its myriad forms is hidden in your own work. Take this assessment to learn where -- and how -- you can improve the way you work. 



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