The corporate landscape is littered with the carcasses of companies that have failed in their pursuit of the Toyota Way. Their efforts fail precisely because they’re trying to copy Toyota.

The average organization copying Toyota is like a couch potato copying the training regimen of Michael Phelps or Haile Gebrselassie, one of the greatest distance runners in history. Those athletes are so inconceivably advanced that cribbing their training routine would inevitably lead to injury, frustration, and failure. It’s pointless to even look at how they train if you can’t even swim a lap in a pool or run a mile.

Trying to be like Toyota is a mistake. What leaders need to do instead is learn from Toyota—learn how to convert their competent organizations into dynamic, constantly improving, profoundly customer-focused entities. A “fit” organization has the ability to continually improve in a manner that delivers superior performance and results over the long haul.

Building the Fit Organization distills the lessons from the Toyota Production System into six core concepts and couches them in the easily understandable language of physical fitness and athletic excellence—no Japanese, no English jargon, and no off-putting references to Toyota. Read this book and learn how to make your organization faster, more competitive, and better able to win in your market. 

  • Markovitz is a remarkable sensei, and this book reflects his ability to take complex content and make it digestible and actionable. Dan makes us realize that lean is not a mystery that migrated from Japan but skills that anyone can master regardless of their industry or line of work. This book should encourage readers to use lean thinking at work and in their personal life.
    — Sherry Neubert, Chief Information Officer, Goodyear Tire and Rubber
  • In writing “The Fit Organization,” Markovitz explains what it takes to become a successful Lean Organization without using any of the Lean jargon…making the subject more understandable and approachable. And in doing so, he demonstrates that any organization, not just manufacturing, can become Fit. For executives that have either avoided the subject until now, or those who have tried and struggled with it, “The Fit Organization” is required reading.
    — Orry Fiume, Vice President Finance (Retired) The Wiremold Company
  • The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.... So too with starting the journey to organizational fitness. The second best time is TODAY. "Building the Fit Organization" shows you how, with specific first steps for next Monday morning. Thanks Dan for sharing your wisdom. Whether personally, or organizationally, you remind us that there is always room for improvement.
    — Rich Sheridan, CEO, Menlo Innovations and author, Joy, Inc.
  • Outstanding performance is the goal. Organizational health is the means. And fitness is at the core of it all. Markovitz is spot on regarding his observations and recommendations for building a fit organization that thrills customers, thrives during difficult times, and provides a meaningful work environment for the employees who deserve nothing less.
    — Karen Martin, author, The Outstanding Organization
  • Dan brings to life the essence of a successful continuous improvement journey- it is all about the people. By reframing the journey as a quest for organizational fitness, Dan captures practical, profound insights that will drive any aspiring Lean organization to greater success.
    — Bob Chapman, CEO, Barry-Wehmiller
  • Dan has done it again with Building the Fit Organization. He has identified the essential shift and plan needed to create a fit organization. A must read for all athletes of performance improvement.
    — John Rubio, VP, Simpler Consulting