Good god -- the blogosphere and the press is full of judgments on Marissa Meyer's decision to end telecommuting at Yahoo. Depending on who you read, she's either a savvy executive making the tough choices necessary to rescue the sinking Yahoo ship, or she's an industrial era luddite clinging to an old work paradigm who, not incidentally, has betrayed women. Of course, none of these armchair quarterbacks (as near as I can tell) actually work at Yahoo. None of them know what the real situation is, either in the head office or in the home offices of the telecommuters. Without actually spending time at Yahoo, passing judgment on her decision violates the "go and see" principle of lean.

I have my own opinions about her decision, but in the absence of observable fact, my opinions are based on preconceptions, personal biases, and assumptions. It would be both foolish to judge her decision without knowing what's really going on.

Before we condemn Mayer's new policy as showing a lack of respect for her employees, we should show *her* some respect by going to the gemba and seeing first-hand what's happening at Yahoo. Until then, we have no right to opine on her new policy.