At least, not at the airport.

My blogging will be a bit scarce for the next few weeks, as I'm on a long business/personal trip in Istanbul, Greece, Cambridge, and. . . Newark, Delaware.

Arriving at Istanbul's Atataturk airport yesterday, however, I was struck by the inefficiency of the visa system. Visas are sold at a different location than passport control. So after leaving the plane, visitors walk to one location, stand on line, purchase a visa, and then walk to another location, and stand on line for passport control and immigration.

To top it off, there's no clear sign that you have to wait on two different lines, so about half the passengers had to leave the passport line after about 5 minutes in order to join the crowd at the visa window.

Why not sell visas on the same line as passport control? Or at the very least, why not have a clear sign telling people to first go here, and then go here? Put color-coded lines on the floor. Something, anything to avoid the waste of time and confusion for sleep-deprived passengers arriving in the country.

Not that I'm grumpy or anything....