I'm on vacation in Italy right now*, so this post feels particularly appropriate.

There are times when you have a huge project, you have quarterly earnings, I don't care what it is. And you are focused. You say to your family, "I'm not going to see you much this week or this month." And then when you go home, put the iPad away, the BlackBerry down, and be there. Don't be half anywhere. Be there. Wherever you are, be there.

-  Carol Bartz, former CEO of Yahoo and Autodesk

My friend Paul says that there are no rollover minutes in life. You get 1440 of them each day (if you're lucky), so use them wisely -- particularly if you're a leader. "Being there," as Carol Bartz would say, is a big step in that direction.

*I'm practicing what I preach. I wrote this post three weeks ago.